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She Loved Him to The Moon and Back to Infinity and Beyond

She Loved Him to The Moon and Back to Infinity and Beyond

Laura was absolutely drawing a blank on what to buy her husband John. It was his birthday soon, and it had been a tough year for them both – work worries, moving house, lots of stress. And through it all John had remained cool and level headed. So what could she buy for him? Nothing seemed good enough to even start repaying him effort and loyalty through these tough times. Branded Watch? Too obvious. Wallets? Too cliché. Buying gifts was hard.

Scrolling through her phone on a quiet bus ride home from work, Laura found herself getting frustrated. There was nothing really special, she needed something that was able to say ‘thank you’ and ‘I love you’ in the way she wanted. She scrolled and scrolled, and moments before she was about to give up and stow her phone back in her bag, something caught her eye.

What was that? The Original Moon Lamp? Laura clicked on a charmingly magical Moon Lamp thumbnail that was smiling up at her and brought up the website. She scrolled through the products and her face lit up almost brighter than the beautiful Moon Lamps that she was looking at. She knew John was a space lover, childhood dream is flying to the Moon - he was always looking Planets through his Sony a6000 camera – so this would be the perfect gift.

And then she saw it: An amazing looking Moon Lamp, but this one was different. As well as it being insanely detailed and a faithful replica of the moon that was painstakingly designed using high-quality NASA satellite images; this one was extra special! 3D printed directly into its face were the words ‘I love you to the Moon and back xx’ in wonderfully eloquent calligraphy. Not only was the Moon Lamp beautiful, but it was also a heartfelt message of love and gratitude to her amazing man.

Laura quickly ordered, and while checking her confirmation email, another idea struck her. A grin spread across her face and butterflies fluttered in her stomach. She really was going to make John’s birthday one to remember.
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